School Boarders / Varsity Res Students

We also see students as being a critical part of our countries future and as such, you qualify for a 20% discount on any product purchased from us.

It is common practice for Schools that have boarding houses supply the students with a mattress, however we believe that some parents may prefer that their children have and use their own mattress, in much the same way that boarders provide their own pillows.

Due to a growing number of requests from interested parents, as well as schools, we have developed a mattress that we believe is of a superb quality and a great price.

The option available is a Bonnel Spring Mattress, your child’s name and surname will be stitched onto the mattress.

This mattress is then his or her property and can be taken home or to varsity after they matriculated or if they change schools.

In addition to the child’s name and surname, the numbers 1 – 4 will be stamped onto the foot and head ends of the mattress so that your child constantly flips and rotates their mattress every new quarter. This ensures mattress longevity and better spinal development.

This is a win win situation for both school and parents.  The school does not need to lay out capital on new mattresses every year as well as for the student who has ensured a good quality mattress during their essential growth and development stage.

If you are interested in the Bonnel Spring Mattress, please contact us at

Whilst we do not offer the same product to Varsity Res students, we do offer a 20% discount on any product purchased from us.


Coupon Code for School Boarders / Varsity Res Students:  SCHOOL20